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Live in Luxury For Less

We think that everybody deserves to live in luxury and be proud of the home they live in.

Our in house team create designs exclusively for our community.

We cut out the middleman by working directly with the manufacturer's, saving you up to 70% off when compared with leading retailers – based on the closest equivalent products in design, but which may differ in other respects such as materials.

Each piece is available to buy from the very start of the manufacturing process, allowing us to remove traditionally excessive storage costs and pass on that saving to you.
On average, each batch of designs sells out 8 weeks prior to completion, and often sooner than that, but we're confident it'll will be well worth the wait! We honestly believe this consumer-first approach is the most environmentally responsible way to design and manufacture our furniture.

Taking a stand against: - Expensive designer and high street brands
- Unnecessary pricing mark ups
- Wastage and environmentally irresponsible manufacturing
- Landlord costs and traditional retail costs that are inevitably passed on to you the consumer.

We are passionate about offering you original designer furniture at an affordable price and helping you to live in luxury for less.

Our Story

The idea originally started when founder, Layla, whilst looking for furniture for her first home with her husband Daniel, became increasingly frustrated with the lack of choice and unrealistic prices for luxury furniture.

In a time where they, like so many of us, have aspirational ideas of creating a home to be proud of, inspired by peers and media, they recognised that designer, luxury furniture was simply unattainable for many people. And so the mission began to change that.

Launching in 2015 as House of Sparkles, growing exponentially, the brand quickly developed and maintained a loyal following on its social media channels which is ever increasing. A favourite of celebrities, TV personalities and sports people alike, House of Sparkles embraced the aspirational mindset of their consumer with a passion for bringing luxury, designer furniture to the mainstream market.

However.... they quickly recognised that to remove unnecessary mark ups, wastage and third parties who take their piece, affecting you, the customer, they had to offer an alternative solution. A solution that HOS believe is a more responsible consumer first approach to designing, making and selling furniture.

And so HOS Home was born, signifying the brand moving completely away from a traditional model, introducing exclusive designs, no middlemen, no unnecessary mark ups, designs sold from the start of the manufacturing process, with no shops – available exclusively online.

We are taking a stand on behalf of the consumer, fuelled by the growth in demand from our community, to satisfy evolving interior design tastes and the desire for new product ranges that differ from current offerings.

Fast forward to today and HOS Home is proud to be one of the leading affordable luxury retail brands. We have an amazing in house team of 25, including some of retail's brightest minds, most creative designers, furniture makers and members who work as a team tirelessly 7 days a week on their mission to help you, our furniture family, live in luxury, for less.
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