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Pantone have announced their ever anticipated 2019 Colour of the Year! Described as: “An animating and life-affirming coral hue with a golden undertone that energises and enlivens with a softer edge” we wont lie, our first thoughts were… Coral? Didn’t this go out with the arc in 2008? But once we started seeing how to incorporate this versatile, peachy palette into not only your home, but also your wardrobe and make-up bag we were soon certified Coral Converts.





The HOS Edit - Beauty


With Living Coral including warm and vibrant blush tones, this makes it super easy to include in your make up bag. Peachy coral blusher instead of bronzer, bold pink lips rather than the classic red, and even tropical nails rather than the simple french polish are an easy way to be on trend for Spring/Summer 19.






An advantage to this cheerful shade is that it’s pretty much flattering on anyone, especially those with an olive complexion. Unlike last years challenging Colour of the Year ‘Ultra Violet’, this sunset shade is way less harsh and is sure to become a make-up artists favourite.



The HOS Edit - Interior/Decor





Looking to bring some bold colour to your interior? This year is all about bringing splashes of colour and getting out of the grey area. Adding a feature wall in a bold coral will brighten up a bedroom with warm blush hue, we recommend going for a wall that your eye is most drawn to when you enter the room, such as walls with a fireplace or existing wall features. Try avoiding walls with doors or windows as they will dilute the effect. If getting out the paintbrush is slightly daunting to you, try adding pops of colour with your decor! Such as cushions, vases, light shade’s or even candles.





The HOS Edit - Fashion



From the online high street retailer to runway designer Marc Jacobs Spring/Summer 19 collection, Living Coral has made its way into fashion in a big way. We have even seen Super model Gigi Hadid step out onto the streets of NYC, head to toe in the Colour of the Year.




The Pantone 2019 Colour of the Year is undeniably feminine, with a blush brightness that makes it ideal for spring and summer. For some of us it maybe too bright to constitute an entire monochrome outfit, but it is perfect for perking up an outfit.



Try introducing this palette by adding accessories such as a peach coloured clutch bag or chunky coral jewellery. If you feel slightly more daring, try picking a blazer or dress in this sunset shade, it  will make an instant impact to your wardrobe in a fresh and bright way.


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