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Dress your Bed like a Professional

By Ellie Brander - Creative and Lifestyle




Top tips on choosing the ideal Bed..

Here at HOS we know that your Bed is one of the most important pieces of furniture in your home. You spend a third of your life sleeping so why shouldn’t it be in ultimate comfort and style!

A bed must be supportive, not too hard but a good support is crucial, at HOS our beds are made in the UK with a solid Ply base for maximum structure and support.
Size does matter! Try and go for the biggest bed your bedroom will fit, it is important (if sharing with a partner) that you have the the most space to sleep in undisturbed, your bed should also be 6 inches longer than you are tall.
If going for an upholstered Bed, which we love, choose a colour and fabric you aren’t likely to grow bored of, if you prefer a more neutral decor style, then Cream Linen, Grey velvet and Ivory Crushed velvet will all suit a neutral bedroom. If you prefer bright! Then Mustard yellow and Royal Blue are super on trend and will make your bedroom pop with bold colour.




Picking the right Bedding….

Luxury Hotel the Four Seasons have an option for their guests to request a custom bed topper, and the Ritz-Carlton has an exclusive mattress made with silk and wool with a below layer of gel-infused memory foam that keeps you cool whilst you cozy up under the covers. These High end hoteliers know how important a good nights sleep is. Once you’ve found the best mattress and topper to suit you, it is important to pair with a plush, high quality bedding.



To give yourself the best chance for a Luxury Hotel-worthy sleep, try and opt for a high thread count linen, these will instantly enhance the luxury setting of your bed. Many people enjoy a simple crisp white bedding however if you want to opt for prints, then your bedding is a great way of introducing some drama to your bedroom without the commitment of wallpaper.



Once you have picked your plush new Bedding, it's time to start dressing like a pro. For a plump cosy feel, we recommend a feather filled duvet, this will compliment your new bedding and structure the bed. Make sure to shake our fully to avoid any lumps and pair with plump pillows and a soft fitted sheet. A top tip for pillows is to fold in half to get into the shaman then fix each corner perfectly into the corners.


Bed Accessories

 As we all know, Women LOVE cushions. Is there anything better than Cushion shopping, seriously. Men will never understand and will just see them as clutter but they really are ideal for introducing colour, pattern and layers to create texture. These can vary in size and shape and can be layered up in odd numbers for a super stylish bed setting.



Bolster cushions are a great at adding some regality to any bed and look best place at the front of your cushions.
A throw will bring another layer of texture to your bed, ensure it isn’t too neatly folded along the bed, throws should look more informal and be casually draped over the corner of the bed, they also come in handy to grab for nights on the sofa!


Dont forget to shop our incredible bed range at and tag us on Instagram! #HOSHOMES
By Eleanor Brander, Lifestyle and Creative for HOS HOME.

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